jeudi 7 avril 2011

The Chicago Code - Superintendent Teresa Colvin

I've just started following the new Fox series The Chicago Code (cops fighting corruption and crime in Chicago). I have to admit that I was not very impressed with the pilot : it looked a bit like another cop show with a not-so-new plot, and the acting seemed a little "too much" for my taste. However, I kept watching because I liked the actors, even though I thought they were all hamming it up a bit, and because I know that it sometimes takes a wee while before a new series manages to find the good pace.

I also have to admit that I kept following it because I was pleased to see Jennifer Beals in a major part again. She had gone a little bit under the radar (no pun intended) since "The L Word", and "The Chicago Code" is her big come-back on TV. Although I thought she was overacting a bit in the pilot as Superintendent Teresa Colvin, the woman who wants to rid Chicago of corruption and crime, still, I didn't think she was bad at all, and I kept watching knowing that she would improve with time. I was not mistaken. She's actually extremely believable as the young and uncorruptible female superintendent who wants to do the right thing and prove that she's worthy of her title so hard that she sometimes blows it.

Superintendent Colvin takes no shit and she's tough - too tough sometimes. Actually, Superintendent Colvin reminds me a lot of one Bette Porter : a straight Bette Porter with a badge and a gun (as for the power suits, they are almost the same).

Demonstration :

1) Just like Bette Porter, she can be an über-bitch :

2) Just like Bette Porter, she's prone to being über-harsh with her partners :

3) Just like Bette Porter, she could do with one or two anger-management courses :

Element of comparison :

Pretty close, isn't it ?

Not to be forgotten either, very good performances by Jason Clarke and Delroy Lindo respectively as Detective Jarek Wysocki and Alderman Ronin Gibbons.

1) Jarek Wysocki (Jason Clarke)

2) Alderman Gibbons (Delroy Lindo)

Last but not least : cutie Matt Lauria, as Caleb Evers (Wysocki's colleague), is definitely not unpleasant to look at :

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Griffe a dit…

Bonjour. Avez-vous jeté un oeil à la série Torchwood (diffusé par la BBC) ?

Kapellmeister a dit…

Bonjour. Eh bien oui, j'en ai vu quelques épisodes, au hasard, lors de vacances britanniques. Étant donné que je suis tombée en plein milieu de la série et que je connaissais pas vraiment le scénario, je ne me suis pas beaucoup concentrée sur l'intrigue. Ça avait l'air assez drôle et osé pour une série SF.